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Introduction by Susie, the Bray community organiser

Hi I am the Community Organiser in Bray for the Time Capsule Project, my name is Susie and my background is in Fine Art Printmaking and creative education. I love to get involved in the community and see the absolute benefit of these projects in it. I have been involved in my local Street Feast, ‘Follow the Star’ festival, and I have been a chairperson of my children’s school. I am also a member of the Bray Autism friendly town committee and I have run community art workshops. I really enjoy facilitating and providing creativity in the community. I got involved in this wonderful project as I was attracted to the idea of connecting the two generations and providing the facility to help make these two much affected cohorts connect during lockdown. I worked with a wonderful group of 4th year teenagers. They welcomed the distraction and communication with each other. We had weekly zoom meetings and checked in at all stages of the project. The zoom meetings always went well over the time as they loved connecting with each other. They had all been in the same class for primary school and some had not been in contact since 6th class so they had fun reconnecting. I arranged a safe social distance meet up on the Bray seafront to paint Kindness stones, the turnout was almost 100%. I encouraged and helped them along with their creative Ideas. There was a fantastic mix of creative responses. I believe the seniors in the project enjoyed it too, any excuse to change up the day as most were cocooning, so this project was a welcome distraction from lockdown. They found the idea of a professional photographer novel and another welcome distraction and they look forward to seeing the outcome.

Jr Infants

Transition year- 2021



“I’ve been an artist since age 16 so I love my studio in the garden where I can forget the world, as well as walking and painting.”


“We have gone through a pandemic, something no one saw coming. The community pulled through this, so whatever difficulties you are facing can be overcome. Things happen, people help.”


“Stay involved in community and be kind to your neighbours.”


“Just be kind and friendly to one another and do the best you can.”


“Supplying timber to my widowed sister in law and grand kids.”


“Don’t be afraid to work hard and look after your family.”


“People recently have become tied up in their own lives and have forgotten that no man is an island. We have found out through this that we do need people, they are important.”


“Stay positive even when it’s difficult to do so. Things can get better.”


“Stay positive and keep the faith.”


“Town will recover and new shopping centre will be a huge success.”


“I love living here in the summer. Beautiful scenery and so peaceful.”

Nuala Cotton

“Keep in touch and make sure everyone is alright.”

Bernard Doran

“Community means connecting with others and having friends and family so close. “

Susan O’Brien

“I’ve loved creating and changing the garden over the years, as well as adapting the house as life changed over the years.”