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Co. Monaghan

Monaghan Town

Community organiser Anna brought together participants from her church group to create a lovely project representing Monaghan Town.


Marie, our Doohamlet community organiser, gathered together a group of young people and older participants through her work with Doohamlet Community Centre to help create a record of what’s going on in their community.


Samantha organised a small but impactful project in Carrickmacross through her scouting group which delved into the participant’s memories and the rich history of the area.


John Nutley grew up in the Liberties of Dublin and moved to Monaghan in the eighties.  Coming from a very artistic family background, he became very interested in the arts from an early age.

On moving to Monaghan,  it wasn’t long before he joined a group called Spectrum Arts Group where he developed his love of art.  He mostly used photographs to develop his skills and in doing so he developed his love for photography.  He experimented in amateur photography and eventually joined Monaghan Photography Society.


Neighbourhood Network would like to thank everyone who participated in this project, especially our brilliant Community Organisers, teenagers and seniors. Thanks to Monaghan County Council, Creative Ireland & Healthy Monaghan, and all Monaghan-based community organisations who helped to spread the word about the project. Special thanks to our photographer John Nutley for capturing the amazing portraits that make up the heart of this project.