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Monaghan Town

Introduction by Anna, the Monaghan community organiser

I’ve enjoyed organising this time capsule project for many reasons. I thought that people in my community could enjoy taking part in it, especially after the isolating effect that Covid-19 has had on all our lives. The project gave me the opportunity to chat to members of my community who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Furthermore, it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and improve my communication skills. As a student who loves history and studies it at university, the fact that I was helping to document some local history made the project even more appealing to me. I am proud of all the interviews and unique creative responses that have been created for this time capsule. I am also grateful to Neighbourhood Network for their support and resources throughout the organisation of this project.


Peggy Moriarty

“Showing gratitude for people you live among and keeping up good communications is especially important at this time and moving into the future.”

Bertie Wedlock

“Having had church lockdowns it meant that I had to learn to use facebook and the apt ways to communicate with the church and family. After early hiccups it was really worthwhile and now I find it all very useful.”

Muriel Treacy

“It’s important to stay connected, support one another and remember there is always someone to call.”