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Introduction by Marie, the Doohamlet community organiser

My name is Marie. I work as a Tus Worker for Doohamlet Community Centre looking after administration. My role is also to meet and greet visitors and to look after any  other duties in the centre. I have been the Community Organiser for this project coordinating the project from my office in the centre which involved handing out information supplied from the community organiser pack such as flyers which were really handy to explain more about the project. In my role as community organiser, I was responsible for recruiting interviewers and Interviewees. I also organised the interviews, supported and received updates on projects.

I also was responsible for the collection of the finished interviews and returned them to the project coordinator and to liaise with the coordinator to organise the senior portrait  photographer. My role was to help create a record of what is happening in our small village community through the eyes of both young and old alike.


Eamon Connolly

“Keeping busy and working with his sons on a new building in Doohamlet has helped Eamon get through lockdown.”

PJ Harte

“During lockdown the support of my family, children and grandhchildren has been very important.”

Peggy O’Neill

“I have spent my whole life in the area, [Doohamlet] and everyone is very sociable and friendly.”

Theresa Sewell

“I would love to see more people using all the facilities in Doohamlet and appreciating the work we do in the church, community centre and pitch.”