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Interviewed by Luke Weldon / photographer Madeline Mulqueen

Luke: How long have you lived in the area?
Val: 40 years

Luke: What’s a fond memory you have of living here?
Val: Moving from Dublin, cheaper houses, buying for 30,000, then buying land and designing/building house that we still live in.

Luke: What are some things that have helped you through lockdown and what brings you joy?
Val: I’ve been an artist since age 16 so I love my studio in the garden where I can forget the world, as well as walking and painting.

Luke: What message do you want to leave for yourself and this community in 10 years time?
Val: Be aware of social media use, don’t let it take over lives and don’t lose Irish architectural heritage like thatched houses.

Pictured below are other images that Madeline captured of Val during his photoshoot as well as a photo of Luke’s creative response to the interview- lemon drizzle cake!

Val Byrne Slider
Val Byrne Slider(1)
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Val Byrne Slider(2)
luke Creative response Lemon Drizzel