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Introduction by Ciara, the Newtownmountkennedy community organiser

Thank you for letting Newtownmountkennedy be part of this amazing project. Both the young and senior members of our time capsule really got a lot out of it and have all said they would like to delve further into this and the stories they heard, once we are all safe to meet up again. The youth workers saw a lot of potential for in person events to be held in the community to enhance better cross generational interactions and relationships.



“Be kind to people always. Be responsible, and keep the place clean and tidy.”


“Growing up, there were not many cars in the village so we would make all sorts of bikes with no brakes. We would play football in Cullen’s Field and get chased by the farmer. It was called the Circle and lads from all over would come up to play.”

Peter McCormack

“I hope the community carries on even in hard times. Newtown has a strong spirit and is a lovely village. You don’t need to go far here to encounter history!”


“Community means a lot to me. It means helping people. I do my best to keep the housing estate clean.”

Gay Jones

“Everything will be normal again.”


“I want to be remembered by all the things I have done for the community. There is always hope, no matter what you are going through.”

Paul O’Connor

“To continue the great community spirit that has existed here for so many years.”

Sheila O’Toole

“Stay safe and look after one another.”

Ann Egan

“Enjoy life and never take freedom for granted.”

Pat Doyle

“There were always hard times in Newtown, especially going back to the 50s when people were sent off to work and came home with only small amounts of money to keep them going.”