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Wicklow Town

Introduction by Amanda, the Wicklow Town community organiser

For the past several weeks, 1st Year Pegasus students created projects as part of the Wicklow Time Machine initiative.

Pegasus is a subject here at Educate Together Secondary School Wicklow whereby students create projects around any area of the curriculum that they are interested in. When we heard about the Wicklow Time Machine project, we knew it would be an excellent opportunity for our class.

Our students have created a number of different creative and innovative projects which were inspired by their interviews with their senior partners, such as photography projects, marmalades made from scratch, a painting of a family crest and even a cookbook accompanied by freshly cooked recipes from the book. We have thoroughly enjoyed every part of the process and are hoping we can get involved in the initiative again very soon!


Joan O’Reilly

“I loved Wicklow.”

Rita McAulay

“Be kind to each other and don’t judge people, you don’t know their circumstances. As you get older you realise that it is important to not judge people.”

Nancy Behan

“Communicating with each other is very important.”

Eileen Murphy

“We need more shops, a chemist and a post office”

Don James McGowan

“Keep on going as you are going.”

Angela Lester

“Hoping I might be here in 10 years, watching my family and my grand kids growing up.”

Kevin Doyle

“I hope people take a serious interest in the environment and wildlife.”

Rose McGowan

“Be nice and understanding towards each other.”

Patricia Smyth

“I hope the community grows and learns. It is a lovely area and I hope it stays as friendly as it is now.”

Ann Lavin

“Family, listening to music and nature.”