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Introduction by Áine, the Rochfortbridge community organiser

The journey started alone with support from Neighbourhood Network finding people to participate in this wonderful project.  Through social media and approaching local Community groups the project was able to bring together not only the younger generation who interviewed our wonderful senior members of the community but their parents who accompanied their children in the interviews. 

As we all stepped on board the time machine my role was to help, guide, support, motivate and encourage each person along the journey of the project which became one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. 

The creativity was amazing and the heart-warming feedback from the participants were words of appreciation, happiness, inclusion, a feeling of belonging and a feeling of “not being forgotten”. One participant said that she “felt privileged when she got the knock on the door” this is when she was asked by one of the participants to participate in the project and other said “I was so happy to be chosen for the project”.


Marie Doyle

“Lockdown and covid was very hard for older people, especially being confined to the house. Vaccination has helped people to be able to move again.”

Gabriel Lyster

Looking towards the future Gabriel hopes the world will be a kind and peaceful place where people are not locked in poverty and war and that Westmeath could one day win the GAA All Ireland.

Jack Doyle

“Treat everyone like you’d like to be treated. Be patient.”

Frances Gillespie

Frances loves Rochfortbridge. Has her friends and neighbours. She loves our quiet road and the peace of it.

Geraldine Poynton

“When we all come together we can get through anything.”

Christine McNamara

Joy for Chris comes from visits from her family and neighbours, Socialising, Music and her grandchildren.

Anne Byrne

“Look on the bright side, things will only get better.”

Hugh Byrne

Rochfortbridge has seen a lot of development and changes since Hugh was a child.

Anne Hogan

Good friends, Past times, Cards, Bingo and Walks with her stick bring Anne joy.

Ann Monaghan

“Get out there and get involved in the community.”