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Boyne Community School Time Machine, organised by Megan Maguire

Teacher Megan Maguire led the project as Commuinty Organiser in Boyne Community School, Trim. Students ranging from first year to fifth year took part, interviewing seniors in their community and working on unique creative responses inspired by their conversations. The result is a touching project that captures some lovely memories and stories from the participating seniors and paints a lovely picture of the community spirit in Trim.


Gerry O’Connor

“Reading, poetry, music and football brought me joy through lockdown.”

Malachi Jenkins

“I remember sunny days walking on the Boyne.”

Joe Martin

“Continue to prosper.”

John Loud

“Don’t be in such a rush; take time to enjoy what’s around you. Try to be more tolerant.”

Derek Stewart

“Keep in touch with everyone you love as it could change.”

Vincent Adair

“I’m happy with my life.”

Mary Norman

“Watching the sunset with my family brought me joy thought lockdown.”

Vic Nugent

“Community means looking after each other.”