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Noleen Merriman

Interviewed by Rebecca Carey / photographs provided by participants.

Rebecca: How long have you lived here?
Noleen: 44 years.

Rebecca: What’s a fond memory you have of living here?
Noleen: Going to the beach and having lots of friendly neighbours.

Rebecca: What sorts of things are you doing to stay connected to your community and family and what does community mean to you?
Noleen: Playing bingo on Zoom with family members and playing scrabble.

Rebecca: What message do you want to leave for yourself and your community in 10 years?
Noleen: To be kind to people always. Be responsible, and keep the place clean and tidy.

Pictured below is an image of Rebecca presenting Noleen with her artistic contribution inspired by their interview, and a close up of the image of Noleen as a young woman.

Rebecca_s creative response
Noeleen Meriman Main Image