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Peggy O'Neill

Interviewed by  Aoife Rushe / photos provided by John Nutly

Aoife: How long have you lived in your area?
Peggy: All my life.

Aoife: What’s a fond memory you have of living here?
Peggy : Having spent my whole life in the area, everyone is very sociable and friendly.

Aoife: Have you seen this community come back from hard times before?
Peggy: Yes. There were hard times in the 1980s and our community grew from that. Also the recession in 2008 which we have come through. I am optimistic about the future.

Aoife: What sort of things are you doing now to stay connected to your community and family and what does community mean to you?
Peggy: Visiting people and spending time with my family.

Aoife: What message do you want to leave for yourself and this community in 10 years time?
Peggy: I hope everything has progressed at the rate it’s progressing now.

See some additional portraits of Peggy as well as the poem that Aoife wrote as her creative response in the slider below.

Peggy O’Neill

Peggy Slider 1
Aoife Creative response