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Introduction by Joe, the Moyne community organiser

As someone who is very much involved in community and voluntary work i thought the time machine was a great project to get involved in. Especially with my work with Dromard Area Mens Shed. The timing was good as people were coming out of covid 19 restrictions and it was great to interact with them.

The younger people were eager to meet up with their senior neighbours again and their grandparents. Likewise the not so young were delighted to see and hear from the younger people in the community. This could lead to more community organised events where the seniors and the younger people could meet up to exchange lifelong living experiences. The teenagers could pass on their knowledge of the modern way of communication smartphones etc. Thanks to Neighbourhood Network for their support and resources in helping make this project happen.


Peter Cassidy

“Community means everything to me in my daily life. I’m involved in a number of clubs: GAA, Tidy Villages and I’m an active member of the local Men’s Shed.”

Peggy Moroney

“My house in Ballymore Co. Longford was a céilí house. Almost every evening after the rosary at 6:30, the neighbours would arrive and wait outside ’til we were finished.”

Kitty Donohoe

“Great memories of the children growing up and people calling into the house and céilidhlíng and having a cup of tea and a laugh.”

Charlie Brady

“I am football mad! I played as a young man and even in New York when I lived there. I now enjoy watching matches and going to as many as possible.”

Luie McEntire

“I am particularly proud of getting village status for Legga and Moyne. I was also the first and only Lord Mayor of Dromard!”

James Reilly

“I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else – it is a lovely area and has nice people and good neighbours.”

Pat Jones

“Community means everything to me. In the past, football would’ve been my way to connect to the community but now I’d say being part of the Men’s Shed is how I stay connected.”

James Cosgrove

“Community means knowing your neighbours, and being a good neighbour when you can.”

Mary O’Reilly

“I have fond memories of the nice scenic countryside and seeing all my children and grandchildren growing up in the countryside.”

Maureen O’Toole

“I remember a very carefree childhood. I liked to work on bogs and on the farm in the summers and had no pressure.”

Nuala McNerney

“Keep active, keep positive, keep well and keep in touch with your friends.”

Bernie Green

“Community means everything – a helping hand when you need it.”

Padraic Mulligan

“Community is your neighbours, the area you’re from, your football team, the characters and the people that you’re meeting daily.”

Maura Corrigan

“I’m fondly watching my lovely grandchildren grow up in this community. This gives me such joy during these hard times.”

Bridie Duffy

“I’m fondly watching my lovely grandchildren grow up in this community. This gives me such joy during these hard times.”