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Peter Cassidy

Interviewed by Robyn Cassidy / photos by Emma O’Brien

Robyn: How long have you lived in the area?
Peter: All my life – apart from 10 or 11 years living and working in Dublin.

Robyn: What’s a fond memory you have of living here?
Peter: When the circus came to town. Everybody went – it was beside our school and in the middle of the country. They walked the animals along the road to Moyne and we saw elephants, horses and guys on bicycles.

Robyn: Have you seen this community come back from hard times before?
Peter: Yes, I have. There were hard times in the 1950s and the 70s and 80s. Also 2010 to 2015. They were all different, but there were good times too.

Robyn: What are some things that have helped you through lockdown and what brings you joy?
Peter: The fact that I didn’t get covid throughout the 2 years and have lived a healthy life. I’m well involved in farming and I’m very busy having my own children and grandchildren come to visit.

Robyn: What does community mean to you? What sort of things are you doing now to stay connected to your community and family?
Peter: Community means everything to me in my daily life. I’m involved in a number of clubs: GAA, Tidy Villages and I’m an active member of the local Men’s Shed. I am the treasurer.

Robyn: What message do you want to share for yourself and this community in 10 years time?
Peter: As the population in rural areas is declining, it’s more important for people to get involved in clubs and communities to stay connected. As technology is moving so fast, older people are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace. They are feeling left behind. More interaction with older people is needed to stay connected because we can learn a lot from each other.

Pictured below is a photo Robyn submitted as a creative response to her interview with her grandfather: Peter working on the farm with the cows. Also shown are images from Peter’s shoot with photographer Emma O’Brien.

Peter Cassidy

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