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Maureen O'Toole

Interviewed by Sarah Buchanan

Sarah: How long have you lived in the area?
Maureen: 85 years.

Sarah: What’s a fond memory you have of living here?
Maureen: I remember a very carefree childhood. I liked to work on bogs and on the farm in the summers and had no pressure.

Sarah: Have you seen this community come back from hard times before?
Maureen: Years ago at the time of the war, there was nearly no food, only the stuff you produced on your farm. People had no money, but everything always went back to normal.

Sarah: What are some things that have helped you through lockdown and what brings you joy?
Maureen: Family helped me through a lot during lockdown and friends and family bring me a lot of joy.

Sarah: What does community mean to you? What sort of things are you doing now to stay connected to your community and family?
Maureen: Neighbours and family have been very good coming in and out of the house. Family and friends keep me informed of what is going on around the place. They also show me different things that are going on around the community.

Sarah: What message do you want to share for yourself and this community in 10 years time?
Maureen: Spend less time on social media and spend more time with family.