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Introduction by Joanne, Callan community organiser

I teach in a small secondary school in Callan Co. Kilkenny. Transition year is a great opportunity for our students to try new experiences and take part in activities outside of the classroom. These strengthen their connection to the wider world and develop strong links within their local community. This project was a very enjoyable experience for both the students and I. It provided an opportunity to get to know each other and learn about each other’s interests and families.

Due to the restrictions with Covid most students chose to interview a close relative. It was amazing listening to the stories that they came back with from each meeting. The students loved having the opportunity to create something meaningful and personal in response to each interview. This was a wonderful opportunity for young and old to take the time to chat and learn about each other. The students are looking forward to a time when we can freely meet up and continue to develop these friendships and even make new ones.


John Comerford

“Community to me is so important. There is on-going dependence on each other and a source of strength going forward.”

Eileen Gibbs

“My family and friends could pick up a phone at anytime just to give a call and say hello. So we may all thank our phones!”

Kitty Delaney

“I stay connected by just working in the pub and the shop, and chatting to people for a few minutes.”

Pat Lawton

“Being heavily involved in the community means everything to me.”

Hannah Gontorska

“I adore the people around me and wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else in the whole world.”