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Introduction by Ann, the Stillorgan community organiser

My experience with the time capsule project has been overwhelmingly positive. Firstly, I think that it is a great idea for teenagers to connect with their grandparents and to find out their point of view on societal issues. Furthermore, the boys really enjoyed listening to their grandparents opinions on how things had changed in their locality over the years. It was interesting to hear about their experience during the COVID 19 lockdowns and to hear how stoical they were.

The students said that they found out information and listened to stories that they had never heard before. I was very impressed with the creative responses that the boys came up with. This is a Transition Year Project that the boys can be proud of and cherish. I would like to thank Aoife and the rest of the organisers for their excellent communication, instructions and patience! This intergenerational, community project brought home the importance of connection between young and old. Mar a deir an seanfhocal: ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine’.


Eithne O’Grady

“By playing in the local tennis and golf clubs, this gives us an opportunity to do something we like as well as seeing friends and familiar faces from the community.”

Ethel & Ger Field

“Community to us means home, security and a sense of belonging.”

John & Elizabeth Barrett

“Community is the family and friends that live nearby that we regularly keep in contact with.”

Eamonn & Noeleen Behan

“The contact we have through the church and doing business in the community, as well as socialising with our neighbours keeps us well connected to our community.”