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The Clonmany Community Time Machine

Organiser Bébhinn Mullins worked with teenagers to put together a lovely project full of local characters. Bébhinn manages the Clonmany Community Centre- a wonderful resource for the people there and a great place to bring all generations together.


Kathleen Coady

“Our mask making project, reading and tea on the lawn with family and friends helped me through lockdown.”

Colm Wilson

“Community is the beating heart and soul of Clonmany.”

Danny McLaughlin (Turner)

“All of the community works together when needed. I tell everyone that they are always welcome to visit and my door is always open.”

Ann Doherty

“I shop local as much as I can and I video call my children to stay more in contact.”

Bridie McGonigle

“Community means helping other people when needed.”

Teresa Noone

“Community is everything, with everyone working together and getting along.”