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Introduction by Mary, the Ennis community organiser

It was a pleasant experience working on this project even though this time of year it’s hard for students to focus as they have a lot of school projects to do. Parents agreed this was a nice and interesting project to undertake and will benefit future generations.


Eileen Doohan

“There are good people living here and they are always willing to help each other.”

Patrick Melican

“In time everything passes, even viruses, and hopefully in 10 years Covid will be a distant memory.”

Francess Conway

“Keep in touch with your friends and the world will come back to a better place.”

TJ Talty

“Community means going to see football matches when your village team is playing.”

Alice Donnelly

“I have lovely memories of my life- going to school and playing with my neighbours, the O’Donohoue family, next door.”