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Introduction by Hannah, the Cootehill community organiser

When I heard about the Community Time Machine project I thought it was a great opportunity to get students interacting with the local community in a more creative and meaningful way.

As an Art teacher I thought it was a brilliant opportunity for transition year students to complete a project where they could connect and take time to learn about the lives of older generations in the area. Students worked in pairs and threes to make special creative responses highlighting key the memories and experiences of the seniors around them. Students created enriched poems, portraits and paintings that reflected the beautiful connections they made through their conversations. Completing this project illustrated the importance of taking time to sit and have a wholehearted chat and to appreciate the lives of everyone in the community.

We hope that through this project young people are more encouraged to interact and build relationships with seniors in their community.

Well done to all the students who participated and we can’t wait to look back at the time capsule in years to come!


Catherine McCabe Hannigan

“Dancing, music and hearing from others brought me joy.”

Birgit Winkler

“Be happy about the nice things in life and be glad of what you have.”

Liz & Jimmy Carroll

“We delight in seeing the village being kept clean and tidy, so this is something we do together.”

Seamus Reilly

“Farming brought me joy in lockdown.”

Anna O’Riordan

“Cootehill is quiet and quaint, and the community is very caring and enjoyable to be around. Every day, when I walk down the street I am always greeted with friendly greetings and smiling faces.”