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Introduction by Breda Greaves, a Ballymahon community organiser

I found working on this project very fulfilling both for the clients and the students. It was a great pleasure to be part of such a positive project. The clients from our day centre were only too delighted to participate and give up their time where they shared some lovely stories with the students form Mercy Secondary School under the guidance of teacher Dylan Mulvihill. The project helped to connect senior members of the community with a teenager. We are very fortunate to live in a town which is very active and has a great community spirit, where everybody is always there to help each other.

Introduction by Dylan Mulvihil & Maria Cribben, Ballymahon Community Organisers

By participating in this fantastic cross-generational project, our students have gained a wonderful insight into the lives of the senior citizens in our community, both today and in the past. The project fostered connection, communication and creativity and was beneficial for all involved.


Pat Kilduff

“A community, to me, is a group of people that are interconnected in an area. Communities look out for one another, and everyone is like a big family.”

John Ryan

“I remember going into Longford in a cattle trailer to watch my first match with 100 people piled in the back.”

Pat Lloyd

“Value your family, wherever they live.”

Pat Samnon

“I love talking to my neighbours. They really are very welcoming and the people in this community are very warm and friendly”

Philip Morrell

“There used to be a woman who lived opposite me called Mrs Sparks. She lived in an old fashioned house and she used to keep chickens that came in and out. I would collect the eggs for her and she would give me most of them. She was a lovely person. Now that to me is a real old fashioned representation of community.”

The participants of the Ballymahon Time Machine gathered together in their local library for a special presentation of their project.