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Co. Kildare

We received lots of interest from all over Kildare for the Community Time Machine project.

Community groups and schools got involved from Kildare Town, Naas, Leixlip, Kilcock, Newbridge, Kilcullen and Sallins. These ongoing projects will capture the spirit of these communities and help to archive the rich history of these areas. We hope to see these Time Machine projects completed and stored away for the community to revisit in the future.

A highlight of the locations in Kildare that participated in the Time Machine project.

Step inside the Time Machine!

Get a taste of what the time machine project is all about in this brilliant radio documentary that aired on Lyric FM last year. It features interviews with some of the participants that make up the heart of the project and gives you a real sense of the connections that Time Machine creates in communities.

Pictured are Sheila and Hannah, a pair from the Wicklow Time Machine who made a great neighbourly connection.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our favourite interviews and portraits from the National Time Machine project

Eithne O’Grady, Stillorgan Time Machine

“By playing in the local tennis and golf clubs, this gives us an opportunity to do something we like as well as seeing friends and familiar faces from the community.”

James McGovern, Bawnboy Time Machine

“I started a community festival to raise money for St. Luke’s Hospital Dublin. The festival has run every year from 1991 with the exception of 2020 and 2021 due to Covid. It has raised thousands.”

Philip Morrell, Ballymahon Time Machine

“There used to be a woman who lived opposite me called Mrs Sparks. She lived in an old fashioned house and she used to keep chickens that came in and out. I would collect the eggs for her and she would give me most of them. She was a lovely person. Now that to me is a real old fashioned representation of community.”

Kathleen Coady, Clonmany Time Machine

“Our mask making project, reading and tea on the lawn with family and friends helped me through lockdown.”


Neighbourhood Network would like to thank everyone who participated in this project, especially our brilliant Community Organisers, teenagers and seniors. Thanks to Kildare County Council, The Creative Ireland Programme, Age Friendly Ireland & The Department of Rural and Community Development, and all Kildare-based community organisations who helped to spread the word about the project.

Special thanks to our photographer Phil Voon for getting involved with the project and to our creative content organisers Marja Huhta and Ciara Egan.