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Rita McAulay

Interviewed by Ayah Mohamed / photographer Madeline Mulqueen

Ayah: How long have you lived in your area?
Rita: Nearly 45 years.

Ayah: What’s a fond memory you have or living in your area?
Rita: I moved to Wicklow when I got married. I have very fond memories of raising my kids here in Wicklow. I also love the landscape here- the river, the seaside, beaches and mountains.

Ayah: What are some things that have helped you through lockdown and what brings you joy?
Rita: My husband’s company, jigsaw puzzles and reading. My family live close by and I have been making a handwritten recipe book for my kids.

Ayah: What sorts of things are you doing to stay connected to your community and family and what does community mean to you?
Rita: It’s so important to be involved in community and with local groups. My family that are close by and playing bridge have brought me joy too.

Ayah: What message do you want to leave for yourself and your community in 10 years?
Rita: Be kind to each other and don’t judge people, you don’t know their circumstances. As you get older you realise that it is important to not judge people.

Pictured below are additional photos from Rita’s shoot with Madeline as well as Ayah’s baking cook book that she made in response to her interview with Rita.

Ayah CR 1
Ayah CR 2
Ayah CR 3
Ayah CR 4
Ayah CR 5
Ayah CR 6
Ayah CR 7
Ayah CR 8